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I would like to introduce you to your very own homeless person!  In iBeg, you control the fate of a virtual homeless man in an unforgiving virtual world.  Your mission, (should you choose to accept it), is to watch over this little guy and help him survive on the streets!  You want to make sure to keep him clean, healthy, and full of spirit. These three attributes must be maintained at all times in order to give your homeless person the best possible chance at earning money.  Let’s look at your homeless person’s main attributes a bit closer.

That’s The Spirit!

The first attribute the homeless person has is Spirit.  It is used to perform actions in the game like panhandling and busking.  Some beg types are harder to perform than others and naturally require a bit more effort to perform.  Every time you perform a beg, it will cost you a set amount of Spirit Points (SP).  When you run out of Spirit, your homeless person just doesn’t have it in him to perform any more begs.  You will need to sleep to replenish it, or purchase an item that provides a Spirit boost!

You Always Have Your Health

Well that’s what they say anyways.  Truth is, the streets can be dangerous!  The second (and most important!) attribute you want to maintain is your homeless person’s Health.  This bar represents how close to death your homeless person is at any given time.  It will decrease over time as your homeless person gets hungry, so be sure to feed him!  Also try to keep him out of fights and protect him from violent pedestrians, some of them pack a mean punch!  If your Health is running low, you can increase it by buying food or medical items.  Be careful, if you let your homeless person’s Health Points (HP) drop to zero then it’s GAME OVER!

Cleanliness Is Godliness

So there is a good chance you are NOT a deity.  The third attribute you must pay attention to is Hygiene.  This bar represents how clean you currently are.  Hygiene will affect how likely you are to be successful when begging for money.  Some pedestrians have a high tolerance for smells, but most of them won’t stop to give you the time of day if you smell like a dump.  Luckily, you can keep your homeless person clean by paying for services around town.  You can buy soap and use the outdoor shower at the beach, or wash your clothes at the local laundromat.  Your Hygiene is also affected by other influences, such as pedestrians spitting on you, or the weather being hot and causing you to sweat more.  Don’t neglect your Hygiene, or you’re likely to get sick!

Easy As 1,2,3

So there you have it.  Your very own homeless person with three basic needs to fulfill, Spirit, Health and Hygiene.  Make sure to keep him happy, healthy, and clean and you should stand a fighting chance against the cruel, cold world.  Abandon him and he will die a slow, miserable death.  But you wouldn’t let that happen…would you?

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3 Responses to Meet Your Homeless Person!

  1. Kyle

    Can you abuse your tramp with intravenous drugs and bottles of listerine until he defecates in his cardboard box and stinks up the alley. If yes, i will purchase your product. xoxo

  2. Jamie

    Do bath salts improve ‘Spirit’?

    • Chris

      No. But they refill your hunger.

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