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Last Pick Productions is a game development studio looking to break into the mobile entertainment market. Our company will produce games predominantly for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and potentially Android devices in the near future.  We are committed to delivering quality entertainment to our users in a professional manner.  We want our users to be able to identify and relate to the feeling that our company conveys.


Do you remember playing games during recess and everyone lined up along the wall to be chosen for a team?  Nobody ever wanted to be picked last…  I’m sure some of you may have even been the last pick at one time or another.  If you have, then you know the sinking feeling that comes along with it.  First the feeling that you are the absolute worst out of the whole bunch.  Then the feeling that everyone thinks you are useless.  And then hopefully the feeling that you will prove them wrong!

Now imagine that you are that kid.  The last pick.  The rest of the team moans when you HAVE to be picked for their team and most of the time you end up riding the bench.  Fast forward to the end of the game when by some stroke of luck it all comes down to you.  The bases are loaded and you’re up to bat.  The opposing team is smiling cause they know they’ve got you beat and your team is already accepting defeat.

Now imagine swinging that bat and cranking the ball out of the park!  Imagine nailing the perfect home run and then coolly playing it off like it was no big deal.  Because it was no big deal.  You knew you could do it all along and the fact that no one thought you could do it just made you want it even more.

That is the feeling we want to convey with our company and that is the feeling we want you to have when you play our games.