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Hello world and welcome to Last Pick Productions!


We are a small three person team all currently employed in the video game industry.  One artist, one programmer, and one designer who have decided to band together and work on a mobile game in our spare time.  We have big plans for the future and are working tirelessly to get our first game up and running.


So sit back, relax, and let us tell you what all the excitement is about…




We are proud to announce that we are working on our very first mobile game, iBeg!  Become a virtual hobo who must survive from day to day on the pixelated streets of a vibrant city.  Panhandle for change, play the guitar, collect bottles, and do everything you can to scrounge together some scratch.  Keep yourself clean by monitoring your hygiene, and your belly full by eating whatever you can afford because life on the streets is no picnic! You’ll have to work hard to convince all those citizens to part with their hard earned coins.  Sure some of them will look down upon you with kind eyes and lend a helping hand, but others will abuse you mercilessly!  Hone your “street smarts” as you learn the tricks of the trade and improve your skills.  How long do you think you can last…


Keep an eye on this page for further updates as we discuss how the game unfolds.  In the mean time please help spread the word about our game by telling a friend about it!

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    • Pay a homeless person to tell everyone they see!