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Homeless is a game that simulates the life of a virtual homeless person in a pixelated world. You control a homeless man who is forced to live on the street and fend for himself in a harsh environment. You must take care of him to make sure that he will survive by feeding him, cleaning him, and keeping him safe from harm. Earn money by begging to pedestrians, playing an instrument, or convincing someone that “your car broke down and you’re just trying to get enough money together to fix it.” You make the decisions that control the fate of your virtual homeless avatar. Will you try and make enough money so he can sleep in a hostel tonight? Or let him sleep outside in the rain? Should you spend that hard earned money on a soapy shower? Or let him remain filthy and stinky? Level up your begging skills as you use them to hone your “street smarts” and become more effective at separating citizens from their coins. And don’t assume that just cause this is a game that everyone will be nice to you! The pedestrians in the game have their own prejudices and while some will show you kindness, others will beat you, spit on you and generally make your life a living hell! So do your part…  help out a virtual homeless person and let him know that someone is looking out for him.


    • Experience life as a homeless avatar whose environment is the harsh city streets of Vancouver, BC
    • Keep yourself happy, healthy, and clean, the most basic of human needs
    • Real-time day/night cycle, complete with random events
    • Weather systems: rain, sun and snow
    • Vibrant city with unique locations and characters from all walks of life
    • Earn money from a variety of activities, including panhandling, busking, collecting cans, and doing odd jobs
    • Unlock more content by saving up your hard earned coins, or purchase in-game currency for an instant boost
    • Learn about real services available to homeless people as you work your way through the system in order to get your avatar off the street
    • Real world impact – in-game purchases go towards helping real people dealing with homelessness

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